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The Hamptons in Elkhorn, NE

Nebraska is a state characterized by the serene beauty of the Great Plains, and the Hamptons subdivision of Elkhorn captures this aesthetic in a way that will make you want to stay forever. Elkhorn is an outlying part of Omaha and is famous for its neighborhoods wrapped in pastoral countryside vistas. The large upper-middle-class homes lend their own charm to the countryside. Elkhorn’s surrounding areas give residents plenty of reasons to get out and enjoy the atmosphere with its country clubs, wonderful restaurants, and parks. The Hamptons feature the best of this blend of suburban comfort and rural luxury.

The Hamptons in Elkhorn, NE | Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group

People and Places around the Hamptons:

It’s populace is generally well educated with half of the residents having achieved a Bachelor degree or better. The upper middle class life style that has developed around the population has spurred the local economy, ensuring a variety of pleasant shops and restaurants are never too far away. The Gretna School District has set itself apart, the majority of its students having exceeded Nebraska’s standards in writing skills. The Methodist Women’s Hospital provides healthcare for women and families of the region with a focus on prenatal care.

Hamptons Real Estate and Lifestyle:

Large modern homes are common in the Hamptons and feature brick architecture, up to five bedrooms, and multiple full baths lending an affluent comfort the neighborhood. The charm to the Hamptons is that you will find exquisite real estate that is uncommon in the Elkhorn area. The large lots that these homes are situated on provide plenty of space to breath without feeling remote. The crime rates of the Hamptons are as low as 77% compared to the national average and the weather is typically very pleasant. This is a fantastic enclave of Elkhorn for families and older residents alike.

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Life in Greater Elkhorn:

The surrounding areas offer pleasant and relaxing points of interest for your leisure time. The Elkhorn Ridge Golf Course and the Indian Creek Golf Course will afford many opportunities for fun on the green. The Ta-Ha-Zouka park is a historic stretch of old growth trees along the Elkhorn River where cabins can be rented for outdoor fun such as fishing, sports and hikes along the Cowboy Trail.

If you and the kids are craving a little excitement then you will find it at Sempeck’s Bowling and Entertainment center. This emporium of fun features pizza parties, go-kart tracks, laser tag arenas and, obviously, bowling lanes to help you spice up your recreation time. The Bella Vita Ristorante and Boyd & Charlies BBQ are just two outstanding examples of great places to eat near the Hamptons that will have you coming back time and again.

The Hamptons of Elkhorn, Nebraska embodies that idyllic dream of upper-middle-class comfort and rural spaces ideal for those who enjoy a little breathing room. This neighborhood’s well educated residents will provide thoughtful, friendly experiences that you will wonder how you ever did without. The family oriented school district and low crime rates make this the perfect place to raise children who will have a great start in life. With so many reasons to sing the praises of this subdivision, why not come take a look for yourself and see what the Hamptons has to offer you?

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