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Relocating to Omaha, NE – Your Local Guide

New Home Tips:

Preparing to move into a new home is a hectic and often confusing event. Priorities are different for each potential homeowner, but there are basic steps that must be taken in order to make the move less stressful. Once you have closed on the house, then you have an established address. Call service companies, such as water, electric or gas, telephone, cellular and cable, to have your service turned on as soon as possible. Before you start moving things in and around, go to the bank and draw out cash to keep on hand.

Deer Creek Omaha NE

Little things always crop up that you need money for, including tips, meals, gas and other incidentals. Of course, an advanced notice of a change of address should be submitted to all your vendors, creditors, banks and anyone else who needs to know how to reach you. Filling out a “relocation form” is helpful, which can be picked up and given to your local post office. Even though you have been given a key to your dream home, you however should change the locks. If the locking system is a keypad, you can still change the coding numbers.

Omaha Attractions:

When you relocate to Omaha, Nebraska, not only have you moved to the steak capital with its delicious steakhouses located throughout every neighborhood, but you’ve also moved to a Midwestern state that is friendly and is thriving economically. Omaha has invested millions in restructuring its downtown riverfront area, especially featuring the Bob Kerrey pedestrian bridge span. Residents and visitors can walk over the Missouri River, as they traverse between Council Bluff in Iowa and Omaha. At night, the lights designed into the bridge’s structure, can be seen in an amazing light show, every night.

Amazing family oriented attractions include:

  • The Interactive, 3D Henry Doorly Zoo
  • Joslyn Castle on Davenport Street
  • Old Market in the center of downtown

Additional attractions include themed museums, family game centers, underground cave tours, amusement parks, water parks, world class golf courses and many other varied forms of entertainment.

Housing and Employment:

Omaha is Nebraska’s more densely populated city and the largest in acreage. Housing options are represented by multi-family homes, farms, townhouses, mobile homes, condos, lofts, apartments and suburban lots and lands for developing. Omaha welcomes all ethnic groups, income levels and lifestyles if they agree to enhance its sophisticated and fun style of living. This city contains both blue collar workers and white collar workers, in careers that include sales, administrative support, management, professors, physicians, scientists, technology experts and IT specialists.

 Learn More About Omaha’s Neighborhoods Through Our Guides

Educational Systems:

Schooling runs from pre-school, K-12, high school, college and universities. The educational level of Omaha is one of the highest in the U.S., and have won scholastic awards. The types of educational institutions include public, private, magnet, virtual, charter and they are divided into districts. Omaha’s school district goal is to keep parents involved for better student achievement, ethics and overall prosperity.

Shop and Eat:

Dine in chef inspired restaurants whose menus vary from Italian, German, Mexican, Greek, Asian and soul food. Go shopping at large shopping centers, like the Crossroads Mall on Dodge Street, Shadow Lake Towne Center on Olson Drive, Oak View Mall on 144th Street and of course the hip and happening Old Market Entertainment District in downtown Omaha.

Downtown District:

While you are in the downtown area, take the walking, biking and nature trails for scenic beauty and enjoy skating parks. The cobblestone lined streets of downtown also includes:

  • antique and art galleries
  • pubs
  • salons, boutiques and sweet shops

Why Relocate To Omaha:

When you decide to relocate to Omaha, send for a “Relocation Guide.” This booklet welcomes you by providing a map of Omaha with geographical listings, landmarks, shops, restaurants and loads of entertainment venues. There will be a relocation checklist guide for things you need to take care of in your current home and what to do when you arrive in Omaha. There is a section on professional services and a recent copy of a local newspaper.

Living in Omaha introduces individuals and families to one of the best natural environments in the country. Omaha has been continually listed by top financial, parenting and environmental magazines, as the top city to have a lasting career, enjoy a healthy and safe family life and to play in indoor and outdoor activities all year round.

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