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Omaha, NE Utilities Guide

The Greater Omaha area has the unique honor of having the lowest cost of living ratios compared to the national average. Omaha’s home prices in its urban, rural, and suburban neighborhoods, are below the national average. Its public and private educational national average is higher in grades K-12, college, and university environments. National honors are usually lauded on Omaha’s innovative healthcare systems and Omaha City is deemed one of the nation’s greatest places to retire, live, work, and play.

Omaha’s government system, involves its residents in all of the area’s major decisions. This style of leadership is also true of its electric, water, gas, and wastewater utility formations and distribution. Omaha’s utility company’s are serviced by leaders in their respective industries, whose main vision is to provide a healthy and quality environment for all its customers at affordable costs.

Omaha Utilities
by Stefan Andrej Shambora

1. Omaha Public Electric Power District

  • 444 S. 16th St. Mall – Omaha
  • 402-536-4131

The Omaha Public Power District (“OPPD”) is a publicly run electric utility company, the largest in the U.S. It serves the Greater Omaha area and 13 counties in eastern Nebraska. Its innovation sources are identified through a mix of coal, nuclear, oil, gas, wind, and other forms of renewable resources. OPPD is carefully managed to provide service, without interruptions, especially during high peak seasons. The Omaha Public Power District is a part of a larger eco-friendly, energy picture, with its partnership in the Southwest Power Pool system. This enterprising program allows OPPD to keeps their rates low while supplying exceptional quality and dependability.

2. Wastewater and Sewage Utilities

  • City of Omaha – Public Works Department
  • 1819 Farnam St. Suite 600 – Omaha
  • 402-444-5220

The wastewater services of the Omaha Metropolitan Area are managed through two treatment plants organized under the City of Omaha Public Works Department. The treatment plants are The Missouri River Treatment Plant and The Papillion Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. The treatment plants collect and treat waste, raw sewage, and rain water runoff from storms.

3. Natural Gas and Water Utilities

  • Metropolitan Utilities District
  • 1723 Harney Street – Omaha
  • Customer Service: (800) 732-5864

The Greater Omaha Metropolitan area is served by two utility entities – The Metropolitan Utilities District (“MUD”) and The Black Hills Corporation.

The Metropolitan Utilities District is the nation’s fifth largest public gas utility company. Their dependable services are provided to the cities of Omaha, Bennington, Carter Lake, Fort Calhoun, La Vista, Ralston, Springfield, Waterloo, Yutan and most of Bellevue. MUD not only provides electricity to its customers, but it also provides water services.

Black Hills:

  • 510 N. Commerce Street – Beatrice
  • (888) 890-5554

Black Hills Energy is the natural gas provider for Beatrice, Omaha, and many nearby communities. In addition to Nebraska, The Black Hills Energy Corporation is a partner in the Black Hills Corporation family, which provides natural gas and electricity services to Colorado, Iowa, and Kansas.

4. Water Utilities:

  • Metropolitan Utilities District
  • 1723 Harney Street – Omaha
  • Customer Service: (800) 732-5864

The Metropolitan Utilities District is the provider of the quality water system of Omaha. The water usage for the Greater Omaha area has been touted as surpassing all federal and state requirements for safe drinking water. The MUD water specialists work with the Nebraska Health and Human Services, the EPA, and the FDA to ensure that its tap and bottled water is free from contaminants.

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