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Midtown Omaha Real Estate Guide

Midtown Omaha is a residential and commercial area of the city that is bordered to the east by 24th Street, to the west by Saddle Creek Road, to the south by Center Street, and to the north by Cuming Street. It is an area of about 3 1/2 square miles that is home to about 28,000 residents that enjoy tree-lined streets, historic architecture, and excellent proximity to many activities.

Midtown Omaha NE Real Estate

Jobs, Universities, and Health in Midtown Omaha

Berkshire Hathaway and Mutual of Omaha are among the major corporations that maintain their headquarters here. Historic structures are plentiful and many are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Midtown is also home to Creighton University and the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Residents are invariably attracted to the vibrant lifestyle offered at the heart of Omaha’s economic, medical, and academic activity. Those studying at Creighton, employed by the medical center, or working for the major corporations headquartered here enjoy a lifestyle that saves on both time and gas.

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Featured Neighborhoods in Midtown Omaha

Field Club

This neighborhood offers upscale, historic homes. The golf and country club by the same name was founded in 1888. It hosted the U.S. Amateur in 1941. At the turn of the century, many of Omaha’s most prominent citizens enlisted the best architects in the city to design homes here. Most of these elegant and historic structures remain to this day. Field Club is also home to the Gerald Ford Birthsite and Gardens.

Hanscom Park

This area offers the neighborhood experience that used to be commonplace across America. Here, you have the opportunity live in a home built in the 1800’s. Many of these historic homes have front porches, thus adding to the neighborhood feeling.

Morton Meadows

This neighborhood consists of about 500 single family homes, many built in the early 1900’s. A large boulevard runs through the area and a tree-lined thoroughfare links Morton Meadows to the adjoining areas of Omaha.

Dundee Place

Dundee was founded in 1880. It was Omaha’s very first suburb. In 1915, it was annexed to the city. Dundee is still home to Warren Buffet, who purchased his residence here in the late 50’s for $31,500. It’s also home to an award-winning filmmaker and a syndicated cartoonist. In 1945, as part of a campaign to create chaos in America, the Japanese actually exploded a fire bomb above the neighborhood. There were no injuries, and the military kept the incident under wraps until well after the war.

Midtown Crossing

Those that want the most modern residences instead can explore Midtown Crossing, a project of Mutual of Omaha. Condominiums are situated near a movie theater, health club, restaurants, grocery store, and much more. The existing Turner Park is being upgraded and expanded as part of the project.

Living in Midtown Omaha

Consider a move to Midtown Omaha. First-time home buyers will appreciate both the ambiance and the tax structure. Whether your budget is $50k or ten times that, you’ll find a place to call home in Midtown Omaha.

Enjoy strolls down tree-lined streets, with dining and entertainment options just a short walk away in many cases. You’ll find neighborhoods, including upscale ones, with character along with homes of historical significance. Midtown is a microcosm of America, a community welcoming all ages and backgrounds. Become a part of it and you’ll be enriched by it.

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