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Downtown Omaha Real Estate Guide

If you prefer the taste of the city as opposed to suburban life, downtown Omaha is one of the best areas to experience a luxurious urban life at its finest. Downtown Omaha has so much to offer anyone who craves this lifestyle. It is no wonder why this area is becoming one of the fastest known hot spots in all of the US. Here are a few reasons why downtown Omaha has earned its reputation:

Downtown Omaha NE Real Estate

Great Restaurants

Downtown Omaha boasts some of the finest restaurants known to man. They have a plethora of restaurants with authentic cultural cuisines such as: French, Italian, Mexican, Asian, German, and Greek. But Omaha is probably known best for its steak. In downtown Omaha you are sure to find steakhouses that will make you forget any beef you may have had anywhere else.

Our Recommendations:

  • The Grey Plume
  • Lot 2 Restaurant Wine Bar
  • Bangkok Cuisine
  • Block 16
  • The Boiler Room

Performing Arts Theaters

In downtown Omaha you will be privy to some great quality performing art shows throughout the year. Whether you love musical plays, classical music, or other forms of performing arts entertainment, downtown Omaha has you covered. Some of the well known theaters there include: The Holland Center for the Performing Arts, Orpheum Theater, and the Omaha Community Playhouse- which is the largest community theater in the country.

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Nightlife for Adults

If you want to enjoy some great nightlife activities for adults, downtown Omaha boasts some of the best night clubs, dive bars, pubs, sports bars, and upscale venues that can be found anywhere. So when it is time to call the babysitter, put the kids to bed and head out for a great time, downtown Omaha is the place. There are not many who leave the area without great stories to share.

Our Recommendations:

  • House of Loom
  • Krug Park
  • Dundee Cork & Bottle

Places to Live

Developers did a masterful job converting abandoned factories into luxury condos for the financial elite. These wonderfully designed buildings are bombarded with huge windows exposing viewers to the beautiful Omaha skyline. Although these upscale condos are a bit pricey, there are sometimes units that come on sale for a more affordable price. Simply put – the beauty, luxury, and area amenities of this property make these luxurious condos worth every dime.

There are not too many cities in the US whose downtown living experience can compare to that of Omaha’s. View our available listings in downtown Omaha and find your dream home today!

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