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Why Should You Think About a Pre-sale Home Inspection in Omaha?

Today we have Tom Sutko with us, and he is a franchise owner of AmeriSpec Home Inspections with offices located in both Lincoln and Omaha.

AmeriSpec is a little different in the fact that the company performs pre-sale inspections for sellers, which allows them to be more proactive in making repairs on their homes. This is the traditional 400-point inspection that buyers usually request, but sellers are now starting to take advantage of inspections in order to prevent bumps in the closing process.

Although it is not very common, some sellers are now opting to have this done because it allows them to repair items that the buyer would have requested to be fixed later down the road. This usually shortens the closing period, and time saved is money saved. Also, less than 2% of homes sold have had pre-sale inspections, so this can be a major selling point for your property.

Sellers shouldn’t worry about what might or might not be found in a pre-sale inspection because they will have time to fix things. The main concern of a seller should be with getting the home in the best condition possible before a potential buyer comes in to look at it.
A home inspection usually costs about $350 dollars, which is well worth it because once a buyer sees that a repair needs to be done, they will demand four times the amount necessary to fix the problem. This is why sellers should be willing to pay for an inspection and fix the problems. 
If you’re thinking of getting a pre-sale inspection done on your home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. You can contact Tom through us, or you can visit the website or call (402) 393-3696.
If you need help selling your Omaha home for top dollar, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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