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When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

The largest virtual reality arena in North America, Dreamland – London, Ontario

In the next five years, the new real estate platform will be a hybrid option that marries cutting-edge virtual space with traditional physical space Jeff Cohn said to those attending the Keller Williams December 2019 futuREcon conference in Las Vegas.

“The consumer of the future will demand technological advancement of the [real estate] space,” Jeff shared, citing examples like virtual reality, AI, and data analytics

People will always take precedence, with the consumer preferring an agent-first experience based on a relationship built on trust and familiarity, Jeff says. 

But, he maintains, an added, virtual component is vital

It’s convenient – who doesn’t want to check out multiple prospective homes in one location? It’s immediate – why wait for open houses and scheduled visits? And it’s efficient – when you can tour in minutes, why waste hours?

The new, soon-to-open kwELITE office in the Keller Williams Market Center will feature a state-of-the-art virtual reality room based on extensive market research, including a January trip to London, Ontario’s, Dreamland, the largest virtual reality arena in North America. The kwELITE Market Center will also house a podcast studio for Jeff to record and produce his 5-star Team Building Podcast.  

“Technology is our focus going into the next decade,” Jeff says.

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