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Watch Out Google! Omaha is Getting Gigabit Internet

For those who may not be aware, Google has been making long strives to start introducing the public to internet run at gigabyte speeds (instead of today’s traditional megabyte speed). Cities like Kansas City, Austin, and Provo are among the pilot cities that are slowly being introduced to this new service and connection speed. To match Google’s accomplishments, CenturyLink in Omaha has announced they will be piloting a fiber network that will deliver gigabit speeds to nearly 48,000 homes and businesses on the west side of Omaha.

Google Fiber

Why Does Speed Matter?

Introducing a connection speed that is 100 times faster than today’s broadband, you’ll not only receive instant downloads and crystal clear high definition television, you’ll receive a new experience. A world with 100 times faster internet means you can do everything 100 times better — meaning you can share projects, videos, ideas faster than ever. For years, we’ve been limited by the amount of bits we could send across “fibers,” which in return limited our capacity to do things on the internet. With Gigabit connections, the limitations will be broken. Collaborative efforts from across the world will become simple and easy. People can share new inventions readily to others. And the possibilities roll on.

What gigabit opens up is our imaginations.

What is Gigabit Internet?

The move to gigabit connection speeds means an overhaul of the internet’s infrastructure by replacing the lines that connect us with fiber-optic cables. Connection speeds will run at 1 Gbps as opposed to the normal 1 Mbps. Downloading and recording movies/television shows will be done at instant speeds, and communication will increase drastically.

For Omaha

No longer will Omaha be known for just college football, beef, and corn, but also as a city on the cusp of advanced technology. With gigabit connection speeds, local residents will be among the first to handle big data, cloud services, and other demanding tasks that would normally be limited on our computers. Projected to finish in early October, Omaha’s residents has one more thing to be proud of!

Find a Home Connected to Gigabit Speeds

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