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Top FAQs for Agents, Part I

We are proud to launch the kwELITE video series, Top FAQs for Agents, from Jeff Cohn, founder of kwELITE real estate in Omaha. The series will give you, the agent, quick and simple answers to why kwELITE is the fastest growing team in real estate history and how it was #1 in the world in 2019 when it was under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella, just prior to its transition to Keller Williams.

Videos are short and succinct, lasting from 30 seconds to a minute. So, check them out here.



Want to learn about split options and capping models? We have you covered. Check out the next three videos as we dive into kwELITE’s five split options and two capping models.

FAQ: What are the splits at kwELITE?


FAQ: What is a capping split model? 


FAQ: What is a capping model at kwELITE?



We don’t leave success up to chance at kwELITE. It’s strategic, and training is central to our strategy. Our agents are the most highly trained – and supported – agents in real estate. The next four videos to a deep dive into the types of training we offer our agents and team leaders.

FAQ: What kind of training do you offer individual agents? 


FAQ: What kind of training do you offer team leaders at kwELITE? 


FAQ: Is there training for new agents at kwELITE? 


FAQ: What kind of technology training do you offer at kwELITE? 



Working in tandem with training is mentorship to ensure agent success. The below video discusses our Productivity Coaching Program, providing our new agents with the guidance they need to be the best version of themselves.

FAQ: Do you have a mentorship program at kwELITE? 



Want to know how much it costs to be part of the kwELITE brokerage family? The answer is simple, and probably will surprise you. Check out the below video to learn more.

FAQ: How much does it cost to be an agent at kwELITE? 



Meetings at kwELITE are purposeful and productive, because we hate to waste valuable time, yours and ours. What happens at our weekly stakeholder meetings? Find out in the below video.

FAQ: Do you have a brokerage meeting at kwELITE? 


Have any remaining questions? Want to further explore the unparalleled opportunity you’ll have as part of the kwELITE family? Contact us at

Don’t forget to check out our blog next Tuesday when we present the specific tools agents have at their disposal in the second installment of Top FAQs for Realtors!

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