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Top FAQs for Agents, Part 3

This week, founder Jeff Cohn shares about the support agents at kwELITE receive, including showing assistants, business planning, and team support. We also do a deep dive into the kwELITE culture. 

Discover it all in these short videos below.



We pride ourselves on the level of support we offer our agents, which often frees them up from time-consuming tasks so they can focus on income-generating activities. 

FAQ: What are the concierge services you provide?


FAQ: Do you offer showing assistants at kwELITE? 


FAQ: Do you offer business planning?


FAQ: What kind of support do you offer teams?


Our primary goal is to help each person under the kwELITE umbrella to live the lives of their dreams. To this end, we offer concierge services and host multiple training events and networking opportunities to help our agents and staff realize their dreams. 


FAQ: What is the culture at kwELITE?


FAQ: What kind of events are offered at kwELITE?



The kwELITE Market Center is a hybrid, tech-powered office of the future. And it’s a pretty cool work environment that feels more like a home – and a luxury one at that. We invite you to come by to check out our mid-century modern beauty in person. 

FAQ: What is a hybrid office? 


FAQ: What’s unique about your office?



Working in an environment that is right for you isn’t just nice. It’s imperative. We want our agents to feel like they fit into the kwELITE culture, and we need to feel they are good additions to the kwELITE family. We make joining kwELITE as simple as possible, offering personal tours of the Market Center, inviting prospective agents to stakeholder meetings, and streamlining the onboarding process.


FAQ: Am I a good fit for kwELITE? 


FAQ: What’s your onboarding process for agents joining kwELITE? 


Is it becoming clearer why kwELITE is the fastest growing team in real estate history and how it was awarded #1 team in the world in 2019. Basic is boring. We are elite.

To further explore the unparalleled opportunity you’ll have at kwELITE, click here. 

Don’t forget to check out the fourth and final installment of Top FAQs for Agents blog next week when we answer specific questions about the work environment at the kwELITE Market Center. 

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