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Top 10 Ways To Get Your Home Ready to Sell

Get ready to put your home on the market – and enjoy the fruits of a bidding war – with this handy “To Do” list as your guide.

1. Conduct Market Research

  • Determine the best time to sell your home based on similar comps in your area.

2. Make Repairs

  • Missing light bulbs in the hallway and the drip, drip, drip of the kitchen sink – small maintenance issues turn off buyers. Fix leaky faucets, slow drains, and cracked windows before you list to reap maximum rewards after.

3. Declutter & Depersonalize

  • Less is more! Fewer pieces of furniture and decorative items will make your rooms look larger. A kitchen counter cleared of appliances, spoon rests, sponge trays, etc. is more appealing to potential buyers than a cluttered surface. And while you are at it, pack up the collection of silver-framed family photos and all the magnets you’ve picked up on your family vacations. Potential buyers need a blank canvas to envision their personal belongings at home in your house, and you’ll enjoy the added bonus of getting a jump on your house packing!

4. Deep Clean

  • Clean, clean & clean some more. Your house needs to shine! Crumbs on countertops, food bits in the sink, and hair in the drain. Yuck, right? If ever you were going to be obsessive-compulsive, now is the time. Banish those dust bunnies under your sideboard. Plump pillows. Make your bed, every day. Place dirty dishes in the dishwasher (revolutionary, we know). Keep dirty clothes in the hamper. You never know when a last-minute showing will take place, so be prepared!

5. Make Cost-Effective Updates

  • New or refurbished flooring will make your home seem cleaner. Ditto for fresh carpeting. Toss the wonky blinds that don’t roll up and down with ease for new window treatments. Replace the light fixture that a previous owner purchased at Montgomery Wards. Simple, cost-effective updates will make a world of difference.

6. Repaint (Neutral Colors)

  • Some people are color-adverse. So, your deep burgundy living room or rich chocolate entry may scare people off, especially those who can’t imagine getting after it with a can of paint. And while you are at it, touch up scuff marks on trim, baseboards, and doors to appeal to move-in ready buyers.

7. Add Small (But Powerful) Touches

  • Think of all the staging done on HGTV home shows. Plants and fresh flowers add a welcoming feel. Set out fresh hand towels and decorative soaps to the bathrooms and a bowl of fresh fruit in the kitchen. Do a smell test, too. We become immune to the smell of our own home. Wet dog and cat litter are NOT  happy scents. Have a friend do a sniff test before you list and eliminate any odors he or she finds. And watch what you cook before an open house or showing. Now is not the time to fry up your favorite fish!

8. Stow Valuables During Showings

  • Closets, cupboards, medicine cabinets – nothing is off-limits. Since it’s difficult for an agent to be everywhere in an open house setting, take preemptive measures to protect your belongings.

9. Create Curb Appeal

  • The exterior of your property creates a first impression. Make it a good one that invites a potential buyer to come in! Mow the lawn and trim your bushes. Add colorful flower pots or a cheery door wreath. Make sure your windows are clean and the front porch is swept. Repair or replace faulty exterior lighting or a rusting mailbox. Paint your front door or update its hardware.

10. Schedule A Photoshoot

  • You’ve worked hard to present your home in the best light. Now preserve this effort with a photoshoot. Exterior drone footage, professional photographs, and 360 degree virtual home tours are standard to EVERY kwELITE listing. 

Consult a kwELITE agent to make sure you spend wisely and avoid wasting time and money on “improvements” that don’t increase your home’s selling price or decrease its time on the market. 

Our agents are the most educated and well-trained agents in real estate and the reason kwELITE is Nebraska’s premier real estate brokerage. Click here to find a kwELITE agent today.

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