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Systems and Technology: Propelling Agents’ Business to the Next Level

At kwELITE, success is assured, thanks to agent training and education, mentorship and accountability programs, lead generation, and our carefully constructed systems and next-century technology available to all agents.

This week, let’s dive into kwELITE’s systems and technology.

Systems: Designed for Success

kwELITE agents benefit from the years that kwELITE founder, Jeff Cohn, dedicated to learning how to scale his real estate business so he could make more money in less time and with less energy. He educated himself – read hundreds of books, listened to thousands of podcasts, and studied the patterns of real estate experts – and then developed a plan, tracking every strategy so he knew what worked and what didn’t. He doubled down on what he did right and jettisoned, or tweaked, what went wrong.

Jeff has made this plan available to anyone who is looking to build and scale a real estate career. For those who wish to do a deep dive into the systems that made kwELITE the fastest growing real estate team in the world, Elite Real Estate Systems offers Team Building Workshops throughout the year. 

High Tech Goes Higher 

We pride ourselves on the time and investment we have made in technology, especially our VR technology, and agents can capitalize on the years and resources we’ve dedicated to technology. All existing listings have a Matterport 3D tour using a 360-degree camera so interested parties can tour properties via a computer screen tablet, phone, or VR goggles. Clients can tour properties in our 20×20-foot VR room in our tech studio or from the comfort of their own home.

For homes that haven’t even been constructed yet, we offer 6 Degrees of Freedom renders. A client can give us a CAD blueprint, and we can build a 6D model of the home, complete with finishes and fixtures. 

At kwELITE, we are always focused on investing in the best technology, cognizant that the consumer is demanding more of a tech experience so they don’t have to tour homes physically, especially in the new construction landscape.

The “brain” of the kwELITE Market Center is our digital marketing hub, the VRLY Studio. Here, agents can participate as podcast guests, host their own podcast, update their headshot, shoot vlog videos, and access VR technology. 

Additionally, the kwELITE Market Center has six tech-powered conference rooms powered by Mersive technology and equipped with 55-inch and 65-inch flat screens with IMAX Zoom already installed. So, a client can physically come to the office or “attend” virtually from an office or home and enjoy the exact same experience. 

Data analytics is central to agent success. We use Geckoboard, synced with Google Sheets, that empowers us to make the best decisions as to where we expend our energies. Geckoboard allows agents to see where their highest income activities are so they can target these areas for greater results. 

Seeing is believing

We invite you to stop by the kwELITE Market Center in the Advent Building on 180th and Dodge Streets to see our technology firsthand. Take a virtual tour in our VR room. Check out one of our six high-tech conference rooms. Visit the studio where we record the 5-star reviewed The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 am, Jeff gives personal tours of the 10,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art, hybrid, tech-powered office of the future and answers questions about kwELITE. Learn more here.  

We also invite you to sign up for the virtual Elite Real Estate Systems Team Building Workshop to learn about scaling your business from industry experts.

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