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Spring is Here! Give Your Home Some TLC with These Maintenance Tips | Platinum Title & Escrow

The warmer weather and the thawing of the winter frost breathes new life into Mother Nature and all her beauty. Spring brings a welcome time to those who have been hibernating away from the winter weather so familiar in the Midwest. 

As we all get outside to stretch our legs and tend to our plants and gardens, we can’t forget to show our houses some love as well. Now that spring is among us, here are some things to do to help maintain your home and show its beauty. 

1. Clean gutters and downspouts

Making sure your gutters are free of debris helps the water flow down and away from your house. Clogged gutters cause the wood trim at the eaves to rot, leaving your home susceptible to all kinds of critters. And downspouts should divert water away from your home so that it doesn’t pool around your foundation.

2. Reseal your deck

Sealing the woodwork around your home like decking and fencing keeps it lasting longer and protecting it from cracking and splitting. Resealing should be done every year or two and will keep your outdoor spaces looking nice and inviting. 

3. Inspect your roof

Winter storms can wreak havoc on a roof, so early spring is a great time to do a visual inspection to see if there is any damage to be repaired. You don’t need to climb up a ladder to check, just grab a pair of binoculars or zoom in on your camera smartphone to look for any missing shingles or other signs of damage. If something catches your eye, call a roofer.

4. Check for termites

Spring brings bugs. Termites begin to swarm as early as March and go through May or June, so be on the lookout for any winged insects that fly out from a hole in the woodwork of your home. Call pest control and save yourself a major headache in the long run.

5. Inspect your driveway

Concrete and other hard surfaces can take a beating in the wintertime. Freezing and thawing is rough on driveways and other pathways around your home. Inspect these areas and schedule service if there are any major cracks or damage. 

6. Check your sprinkler system

Evaluating your sprinkler system to make sure it is functioning properly can save you water and money. Start by running the entire sprinkler system and walk your property. Check all of the heads for damage, and adjust any that are spraying areas of your home, the street, or sidewalk. You can always call a home irrigation professional to do this for you.

7. Repair window screens

Wind and ice can damage the screens around your home. With many of us wanting to open the windows to breathe in the fresh spring air, we want to keep out bugs. Screens let us bring in the air while keeping creepy crawlers out. Check your window screens or outdoor patio screens for any tears or holes, no matter how small. Most hardware stores sell screen repair kits if you were to find any damage.

8. Schedule air-conditioning service

Finally, before the summer heat sets in, it’s always a good idea to get your A/C unit inspected. Even if it is cooling your home, it doesn’t mean it is running efficiently. Yearly inspection of your air conditioner can extend its lifespan and keep it functioning as efficiently as possible.


Your home is a major investment and the place you spend most of your time (especially these days). Make sure you are caring for it properly to keep it in the best shape for years to come.

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