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Simple Curb Appeal Tips for Fall

Fall is an opportune time to rethink curb appeal when selling your home. Take advantage of the brilliant weather and get out to the yard. With a small budget and a weekend of effort you can implement the following tips to create a first impression that will inspire buyers to take a closer look.

Photo by Brian Richardson
Photo by Brian Richardson

Lawn Height

Mow your grass to a lower height during the final mowing of the season. Short grasses are less apt to fall over and become matted during the winter months. Set the mower height at approximately 2.25 inches.

Edging Your Lawn

Edge your lawn with a spade to create a crisp outline between the lawn and your sidewalks. Use a flat nose shovel and carefully cut an even, straight line about half an inch from all edges of the sidewalk. Remove the small amount of grass and soil that is between the shovel and the sidewalk. This simple technique produces a an impression of a very well maintained lawn. Potential buyers will assume you have taken the same pride with the interior of your home.

Seasonal Lawn Care

Most perennial flowerbeds will be nearing their dormant season during this time of the year. Clip any remaining flower stalks close to the ground and remove old plant debris. Trim overgrown foundation shrubs to maintain a light and airy balance around your home’s perimeter.

Purchase a few bags of dark mulch to top off your flowerbeds and introduce new textural interest to your yard. Mums will bring some quick fall color to beds that need a little dressing up. Mums will survive until a hard frost so make sure to remove them after this has occurred.

Ornamental grasses are usually on clearance during this time of the year. Dormant ornamental grasses will provide visual interest throughout the entire winter. Choose a few that are tall for placement in your newly mulched beds. A few mums and ornamental grasses, planted in a bed of deeply colored mulch, will instantly create a rich visual palette for your potential home buyer.

The Main Entrance

The main entrance to your home is a perfect opportunity to achieve a positive impression before a buyer enters your home. Simplicity is the key in creating a space that is not overwhelming. Place one or two pots, of appropriate scale to your entry area, near the door opening. Fill the pots with your choice of mums or grasses. Top off the potted plants by covering the soil layer with the same mulch used in the flowerbeds. The mums will require removal after a hard freeze, but the grasses can remain all winter.

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