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Mentoring & Accountability: Advantageous Agent Support

No. Agent. Left. Behind.  

At kwELITE, we pride ourselves on the level of support we provide our agents through mentoring and accountability programs. 

Mentorship Provides Measurable Support

Support is paramount to agent success, and agents joining kwELITE participate in the Certified Advisor Program (CAP) to enhance their success. For the first 36 career transactions in new agents kwELITE careers, mentors help agents to fully transition into the brokerage’s culture. 

Part of CAP is our Productivity Coaching Program, which includes a built-in mentor. This mentor: 

  • Guides agents new to kwELITE in their first 10 listing presentations
  • Helps negotiate their first contract
  • Assists agents in formulating their strategic business plans then helps them work their plans 
  • Meets weekly for 1:1 support 

We believe agents new to the brokerage benefit from intentional, structured mentoring. The support is constant, yielding answers to specific questions as they arise. It is also morale boosting because it builds confidence while simultaneously preparing agents to be successful.

Accountability Keeps Agents on Track to Success

We want our agents to be the best version of themselves, which is why we provide extensive training, mentorship, lead generation, and advanced technology to all our agents. Accountability helps our agents leverage these success-boosting aids to their best advantage.

We use Geckoboard, synced with Google Sheets, a data analytics program that empowers us to make the best decisions as to where we expend our energies. Geckoboard allows agents to see where their highest income activities are so they can target these areas to net more money in less time and with less energy. It also highlights areas where they can achieve better success. 

Fueled with this information, agents can then establish a personalized business strategy tailored to their strengths and career goals. During accountability meetings, agents and their accountability coaches access data to measure whether they are efficiently working to reach their desired goals. 

We’d love to answer your specific questions regarding kwELITE’s mentoring and accountability programs. Stop by the kwELITE Market Center in the Advent Building on 180th and Dodge Streets.

Every Tuesday at 11:00 am, kwELITE founder Jeff Cohn gives personal tours of the 10,000 SF, state-of-the-art, hybrid, tech-powered office of the future and answers questions about all things kwELITE. Learn more here

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