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kwELITE’s Work Hub brings collaboration to the Omaha professional scene

The headquarters of kwELITE Keller Williams owes its success to the strong support of the Omaha community. Located at 17838 Burke St., Suite 102, this headquarters has been meticulously designed as a tech-powered, all-in-one office, offering clients a seamless and personalized experience when buying or selling a home. With advanced technology integrated into the building, individuals have the flexibility to meet with their real estate agent, mortgage lender, title company, and insurance agency either in person or virtually.

Designed as a vibrant joint work space, the headquarters provides co-working spaces that foster collaboration among professionals from diverse backgrounds, encouraging the sharing of expertise and the exploration of new ideas. While kwELITE is a primary occupant of the space, other entities such as Aksarben Mortgage, Aksarben Insurance, Platinum Title and Escrow, and Aksarben Property Management also regularly utilize the facilities. However, it is essential to note that the headquarters is open to anyone seeking its benefits.

The headquarters office is strategically positioned near popular restaurants like Pitch, Scooters, and the Village Pointe Shopping Mall. It also offers a diverse range of spaces available for rent at hourly and daily rates.

The available amenities include six conference rooms accommodating 10-12 people each. These rooms are equipped with flatscreen TVs and cameras, facilitating meetings where some participants may join virtually. Additionally, there is a spacious training room with a capacity for 100 people, a main room with ample seating and a kitchen area, and a state-of-the-art 300-square-foot podcasting studio. Both the podcast studio and training room include the services of an in-house producer who can record meetings and events for later personal use.

The idea of a collaborative workspace in Omaha aims to benefit the wider community by offering a versatile venue for business meetings, events, and personal gatherings such as birthdays and anniversaries.

“Our unwavering commitment has always been to give back to the community,” Founder Jeff Cohn stresses. “Omaha is our home, and we strive to contribute as much as we can to our community.”

For more information on renting a space, please contact Beth Moore at

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