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kwELITE Realtors have free access to award-winning ERS training

kwELITE and Elite Real Estate Systems’ Jeff Cohn, left, and Andy Kueny address the audience during the November 2022 kwELITE Stakeholders’ Meeting at the kwELITE Headquarters in Omaha. 

Culture, proper systems leads and accountability are all factors licensed Realtors think about when choosing what real estate company to align with professionally. 

But kwELITE offers all that and more to make sure all of its Realtors have the necessary tools to be successful in an ever-changing industry. 

Elite Real Estate Systems is a modern coaching company created for the modern agent, “bringing you live training, proven systems, and the support you need – so you can focus on serving clients and building your business.”

Founder Jeff Cohn, CEO Kevin McGowan and Success Manager Andy Kueny now take their winning formula to their independent Keller Williams franchise, kwELITE, building a dominant business and teaching their strategies throughout the country.

Significantly changing the way coaching content is relayed, agents enjoy a direct and interactive connection to the twice-per-week training provided to kwELITE. Team leaders also get access to an exclusive high-level weekly call dedicated to a monthly topic of implementation. 

As they spend the month drilling deep and making impactful changes to their business, team leaders have the opportunity to speak with a highly trained success manager to help provide advice and navigate any roadblocks to their success. Team Leaders also have access to ERS investor coaching. 

ERS has two subscription models for agents and team leaders across the country, though all fees are waived for kwELITE Realtors. All of the trainings are completely free to kwELITE agents.

Cohn and Kueny spoke during a November 2022 kwELITE Stakeholders’ Meeting at the kwELITE Headquarters (HQ) in Omaha to a group of more than 70 people about ongoing ERS training efforts and goals for the upcoming year. Several of the kwELITE Realtors from across the state in attendance spoke of the high value the trainings have offered their individual businesses.

That sentiment was shared in online reviews

“I have been in the business for 30 years and the insight that Jeff and his team have offered to the changing environment of Real Estate sales and all its ancillary businesses that can be capitalized on is invaluable,” said Bill Heenan.

Said Mike Coleman: “This is the most advanced and professional real estate office I have ever seen, filled with high-achieving agents who are among the best in the world.”

Cohn reflected on what had been accomplished so far and expressed his eagerness to push forward and help agents achieve more.

“Our excellence was and is in our ability to work,” Cohn explained, noting his appreciation to agents and team leaders already taking advantage of ERS trainings. “You have got to do the work associated with success to be successful.”

To learn more about joining kwELITE and having free access to ERS trainings to build your business, contact Team Leader Ben Mathes at 402-321-8799.

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