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kwELITE Gives Back to the Community

“It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies.” -Thomas Paine

Because we are all in this together…

kwELITE is making its virtual agent training sessions available to ALL local real estate agents across ALL brokerage brands through the end of 2020, effective immediately. 

kwELITE has long been dedicated to the ongoing education of its agents. In a show of solidarity during this difficult and economically stressful time, it is making this opportunity available to all area agents. Sessions are held twice a week. Monday’s training is topical; Wednesday’s is dialogue. 

Given the need for social distancing, each and every virtual training session will be professionally recorded on Zoom and loaded onto the Omaha’s Real Estate Mastermind Facebook page.

“While different brokerages could be viewed as competition, we see the agent community in Omaha as a single entity, working together to share ideas on how to best serve our clients during these troubling times,” says Jeff Cohn, CEO of kwELITE.

“We’ve chosen to make our agent training sessions available to agents across all brokerage brands, free of charge, to protect our way of life and the lives of others.”

For more information, visit Omaha’s Real Estate Mastermind

Now, let’s go, collectively, do what we do best – serve our clients to the best of our ability.

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