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Knowing ‘our value’ – kwELITE Indy Mastermind in Elkhorn promotes best systems for success in changing market

ELKHORN — Leaders of all kwELITE’s satellite offices on Tuesday were reminded about the value the company offers its team and clients.

kwELITE Elkhorn’s Steve Minino, Jenny Minino and Jim Marriott hosted leaders from the kwELITE Hub in Omaha, as well as its satellite locations in Gretna, Papillon, Midtown, Lincoln, Columbus and Kearney, as part of the first-ever kwELITE Indy Mastermind on the road. 

Traditionally, the Mastermind session is held on the second Tuesday of the month at the company’s hub near 180th and Dodge streets, but Steve Minino jumped at the opportunity to host it in Elkhorn.

“I was super nervous, but it went great. If you don’t believe it’s a good time to buy real estate now, you’re probably going to have a hard time selling homes,” Minino said. 

“I hope those who were here took away from it that it’s no longer a speed game, it’s a skill game. There’s value in skills we can offer, which is especially important these last couple of years as the market has been moving so fast.”

The Elkhorn team went over its processes for prospecting, onboarding agents and marketing. Minino said the various trainings at kwELITE agents and staff’s disposal, such as kwu, SHIFT/Career Visioning/IGNITE, and 19 to Connect and 36 to Convert, are also great assets that set the company apart from others.

“I really want everyone to focus on putting the right tools in the right belt, so when the market does shift, we’re ready for it,” Minino said. 

“We have to value the skills and tools we put in our toolbox so that we can effectively serve our agents and our clients.”

Jeff Cohn, kwELITE founder, was one of many people in attendance. He said it was an informative session, adding he was looking forward to future Mastermind gatherings at other satellite locations.

“I love seeing all of our Indy leaders come together with an abundant mindset to ideate around the best systems and models for success,” he said.

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