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Interview: KO Carpets- How to Make More on Your Home Sale Without Overspending on New Carpet and Flooring

Business Spotlight: KO Carpets


We recently interviewed Lou Domenge, owner of KO Carpets, to get his best tips and advice for homeowners looking to prepare their Omaha home for sale.

Here’s the key points of our interview, we hope you enjoy it and check out KO Carpets!

Q: What are the common questions or requests homeowners have for you when they’re preparing their home to sell in Omaha?

A: Homeowners often come to us because they need to replace their carpet or vinyl flooring before putting their home on the market.

We’ve found that new flooring, when done correctly and without overspending, can be a great investment by contributing to a higher sale price.

Here are a couple ways we help homeowners make these crucial decisions, and save money, before putting their home on the market:

Buy in-stock flooring- Through our relationships with warehouses who keep certain types of carpet and flooring in stock, we’re able to locate unique, lower-cost flooring options for our homeowner clients. Often a warehouse will buy in large quantities, which drive their costs down, and we can negotiate a purchase for our client so they benefit from the lower cost to the warehouse.

Match the flooring to the home- Sometimes homeowners, in an effort to make the home look its best and bring in higher offers, want to replace their existing flooring with premium flooring. We find that premium flooring can sometimes make the walls look old or dated by comparison. Rather than simply take the order and allow homeowners to overspend on premium flooring, we help our clients match the new flooring to the quality level and color of the existing walls and wall coverings. Then the home can truly look cohesive and show its best.

Q: What about homeowners looking to install the least expensive flooring, assuming that anything beyond the minimum is simply giving money to the buyer?

A: Unfortunately, homes don’t always sell immediately, despite having a number of showings. The result is a situation where new carpet starts to show wear and tear even before the home is sold. We recommend flooring that can withstand traffic from buyer showings and even be cleaned when necessary so that the home shows its best throughout the listing period.

We work with many homeowners, in and outside of the home sale process, so we understand what consumers are looking for in each price range.

We help our clients select the carpet and flooring that matches buyer expectations and compliments the home’s existing features and finishes.

If you’re looking to replace or upgrade the flooring in your home, we’d love to visit with you. Call me directly at 402-669-0594 today for your free consultation.

We can often meet at your home the same day you contact us!

Thanks to Lou Domenge for giving some great advice for potential home sellers. For many homeowners, getting their home ready to sell is the first step in the process of finding and moving to a new home.

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