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[INTERVIEW] How One Omaha Travel Agency Is Thriving By Offering ValueAdded Perks Such As Personal Butlers

We recently interviewed Steve Safranek, owner of Omaha-based S&S Travel Group, to find out what’s behind his recent success in a field that seems to be dominated by online travel sites.

If you’re looking to get out of Omaha this fall, or you’re looking into a destination wedding, you’ll enjoy this short article.

So why do Omaha residents, and especially engaged couples, work with a travel agency instead of booking their own trip?

There are a few reasons. First is they simply don’t have the time; we can take on all those details that quickly overwhelm a busy professional or parent. Second is that a travel agency like ours can give you the best VALUE – that means making sure details like arrival/departure times, connecting flights and locations work with your schedule, and you’re getting the best experience possible.

We book a lot of resort vacations with Sandals and Beaches (our clients don’t pay any extra to book through us) and we have the flexibility to work out some really great deals. Destination weddings are a great example; we can book at least a 6-night stay at Sandals, get your wedding ceremony for FREE and get $1500 in resort credit. If you didn’t know that existed, you wouldn’t even think to look for that deal. So destination weddings and resort vacations big parts of our business because we can put together an amazing package that’s also a great value.

What are some of the unique things a travel agency does for a client?

The most interesting and unique part of our service is looking for unexpected, value-added perks clients aren’t even aware are possible. We’ve hooked clients up with couples massages, catamaran cruises, room upgrades and special discounts. Quick tip: You’d be shocked at how inexpensive personal butlers can be! That’s where we really have fun and bring massive value to our clients, when we can use our experience, continued education and on-the-ground intelligence to give our clients perks that surprise and delight them. We’ve created raving fans and that’s fueled our growth. We also help prevent travel hang-ups and difficulties with passports and paperwork, which gives our clients peace of mind when traveling outside the country. Plus we’re available for questions. Good luck trying to get a hold of someone at Expedia!

Where do people go to find out more about S&S Travel?

Our website is a great resource,, folks can call us directly at 402-770-1127, and where our biggest presence is Facebook. Like our page at S and S Travel Group.

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