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How we strive to create high-performance team culture 

The old saying goes, “you get out what you put in.” 

A lot of real estate professionals get into the business because they want a flexible schedule. In real estate, you are your own boss and can arrange your day so that you’re able to attend your child’s sporting events and be home after school. You don’t clock in and clock out every day.

It’s no secret that kwELITE has become the fastest-growing brokerage in Nebraska history thanks to its one-stop-shop and tech-powered setup, but we also hang our hats on our ongoing commitment to empower teams and realtors to be in charge of their destiny. All kwELITE agents have free access to weekly training.

When you join kwELITE, we want you to tell us your goals so we can help you hold yourself accountable and attain them.

“So culturally, we wanted to create an environment that helped people first discover who they are, discover what they want,  literally make a vision board — a representation they could share with the world of what they wanted to achieve by being in our world …” kwELITE Founder Jeff Cohn said.

“It’s not for us to tell the people in our world, it’s for them to define themselves. (We want them) to have a quantitative process to realize if they are actually getting closer to that target goal or farther away.” 

Support is critical to agent success, and agents joining kwELITE participate in the Certified Advisor Program (CAP) to enhance their success. For the first 36-career transactions in new agents’ kwELITE careers, mentors help agents to fully transition into the brokerage’s culture. 

Part of CAP is our Productivity Coaching Program which includes a built-in mentor. This mentor: 

• Guides agents new to kwELITE in their first 10 listing presentations

• Helps negotiate their first contract

• Assists agents in formulating their strategic business plans then help them work their plans 

• Meets weekly for 1:1 support 

To learn more about kwELITE, contact Team Leader Ben Mathes at

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