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How To Harness the Power of VR

Diggin’ on the 3D

Agents who take full advantage of the latest technologies have a competitive edge. It’s just a fact. And one of the most powerful ways to differentiate yourself as a tech-enabled agent is harnessing the power of VR to replicate your properties in 3D glory.

On the fence about the power of immersive 3D tours? Consider these rather startling stats:*

  • Almost 80% of buyers and sellers surveyed said they’d switch to a real estate agent who offered 3D tours of listed properties;
  • 88% of sellers prefer to work with agents who offer immersive 3D tours;
  • 92% of buyers are more likely to purchase a property with a 3D tour;
  • 55% of buyers indicated they would buy a property from a 3D tour only and without an on-site viewing; and
  • 90% of buyers said their interest in a property increases with the ability to digitally measure anything – walls, doors, ceiling heights – within it.

It’s hard to dismiss the importance virtual reality has in the real estate industry. And it will only continue to grow. That’s why kwELITE has a strategic partnership with digital marketing company, VRLY

VRLY brings properties to beautiful 3D life through Matterport technology, which creates a “digital twin” of a home. That’s 360-degree, fully immersive walk-throughs of properties, dollhouse and floor plan views, exterior drone footage, easy to share URLs of properties, marketing videos for listings, and HDR photos.

But here is something next level. You are also able to embed metatags in the 3D tours that populate information about the listing agent, real estate company, and property highlights such as countertop materials, warranty information on appliances, or brand of window treatments. 

Companies ancillary to real estate can also advertise using the meta tags. Buyers “touring” a home can learn about a title company in the foyer, insurance in the kitchen, home inspection in the living room, home warranty in the dining room. 

Compatible with all mobile devices, tablets, and laptops, the possibilities really are endless. 

*Courtesy of Matterport  

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