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How To Achieve a Lead Conversion Rate 5 Times Industry Average

One of the many benefits of aligning with kwELITE is the tremendous level of support agents receive in developing and working leads – and doing so strategically. You don’t have to rely solely on your own prospecting efforts. We have three different programs open to any agent who wants to work brokerage leads. All you have to do is apply to participate! 

Three Programs, A Single Path to Success

  • BoomTown Leads: We generate 2,000 registered leads per month that are distributed to approximately 15 of our BoomTown-approved agents. 
  • Zillow Leads: We have a specific Zillow team to work Zillow opportunities.
  • Command Leads: We have developed our own platform, using Google, Facebook, and Craigslist, within kwELITE that has resulted in over 100,000 registered leads and over 1 million visitors in the last 10 years. 

Best Strategies for Success

Having the data is vital. What you do with that data is equally important. That is why we’ve taken a very tactical approach in working our leads to benefit the agent. The national average of internet lead conversion is .5%. We enjoy a 2.5% conversion rate, five times the industry average

Communication is key, and we educate our agents on when an email, phone call, or a handwritten note is appropriate. Productivity coaches help train agents who are working leads how to prospect effectively as well as overcome rejection. 

A strategic approach to lead conversion also benefits our clients. The average incubation period from lead to contract is approximately six months. Fostering trust during this time is critical. We strive to serve our clients like we’d serve members of our own families. Our approach to lead conversion is respectful as well as effective. 

This wraps up our four-part series outlining the tools that kwELITE gives its agents to help them succeed in a competitive real estate market. To read more about how kwELITE empowers agents through BoomTown data analytics, click here. Have further questions? We encourage you to stop by our tech-powered, hybrid office of the future in the new kwELITE Market Center or contact us today to see why we are ELITE, not basic. 

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