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Halloween Decorating Ideas for Your Omaha Home

Halloween is coming right around the corner and with that, the festivities of the fall and the preparation for the visiting trick-or-treaters is coming upon you. But besides just stocking up on candy for those trick-or-treaters, why not decorate your home in the spirit of Halloween? You may be wondering “what would give my home the right touch for the Halloween holiday?” There are several ideas you may want to consider for decorating your home.

Omaha Halloween Home Decorations
by Between Naps on the Porch

Pumpkins: Blending Halloween with Autumn

Halloween just isn’t complete without a display of pumpkins somewhere around your home. Whether they are real pumpkins or plastic pumpkins, lining your yard or porch with pumpkins can be done to keep not only in the spirit of Halloween, but also bring some festiveness to the whole fall season. If you are more interested in using only Halloween themes, you may want to hollow out some pumpkins to use for jack o’ lanterns. You can also use plastic jack O’ lanterns and hang them from your house, or trees around your property. You might even consider bringing an inflatable glowing pumpkin to put in your yard for people to marvel at when they pass by.

Using Nebraska’s Best for Halloween Decorations

Since Nebraska is known for its vast fields of corn that are found throughout the state, why not place some corn stalks for added effects in your yard. You can match them with ghoulish figures, scarecrows, and other zombies crawling out from the ground. If you’re a Huskers fan, you can even take an inflatable version of Nebraska University’s mascot, Lil’ Red, and transform him into a zombie with some paint and Halloween effects.

Decorating Your Home for Halloween

These are only a few ideas for decorating your home this Halloween, but if you’d like to learn more about staging your home this October, contact us. We’d be happy to discuss any Halloween decorations that might be perfect for your home. And happy trick-or-treating!

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