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kwELITE Empowers Agents To Leverage Technology For Growth

Real estate is about relationships. Between brokerage owners and their agents. Between agents and their clients. This is certainly true for Jeff Cohn, founder and CEO of kwELITE in Omaha, NE. 

“Transactions matter, but they are secondary to the relationships you form,” says Cohn. “My focus in real estate has always been two-fold: first, serving the agent through coaching, accountability, and business mastery; and second, serving the consumer by saving them money, time, and hassle.

It’s a winning combination, and I’m all in!”

data tracking for growth 2020

Fueling Success

Cohn is all about efficiency, which is why kwELITE is a tech-powered brokerage. Its agents leverage the latest technology – 360-degree virtual home tours, electronic document signing, digital marketing – to better service our clients. 

And kwELITE leadership leverages technology as well to enable agents and help them succeed.

“Success isn’t just based on results. Success is based on the work we put in on a daily, weekly monthly, and yearly basis, and that’s where Sisu comes into play,” says Cohn.

Sisu has empowered us to be able to make the best decision as to where we spend our time and energy.”

Sisu: This Ain’t Your Parents’ Spreadsheet

Sisu is one of the fastest diagnostic data platforms available. It reduces analysis time by over 90% so its users can make fast, informed decisions. It’s a spreadsheet on steroids. 

In kwELITE’s case, it automates agents’ routine work, such as tracking the various stages of their multiple real estate transactions, so they have more time for what matters most – engaging with our clients and on their behalf.  

Sisu truly makes data fun, analytics exciting, and empowers people to succeed,” says Cohn.

“It’s a tool agents can use to be the best version of themselves. For instance, one agent might do really well in open houses while another may excel at cold calls.

The onus on the leader should be helping his or her people focus on the activity that gives them the best result.”

This data analysis also feeds another priority at kwELITEongoing agent education. With mandatory weekly training and coaching sessions, kwELITE agents are some of the most highly-trained agents in the business.

kwELITE leaders harness the information Sisu generates to target train agents in the areas where they can improve.

People First

Being a tech-powered brokerage is efficient, and the tools kwELITE employs, like Sisu, accelerates the home buying and selling process. And, yes, it injects fun into the work day as well, and why shouldn’t work be fun? 

But most importantly, Sisu and the other technologies kwELITE agents have at their disposal help agents function at a higher level to better serve their clients. 

Which is how it should be.

Contact kwELITE to learn how you can leverage this technology and grow your business today!

To learn more about how kwELITE utilized Sisu to grow from 70 to over 700 transactions, click here.

Sisu and kwELITE

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