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Do You Have to Sell to the Highest Bidder?

When it comes to selecting an offer, much more than price should be considered before you accept it. Find out more today.

Last year, we helped over 630 Omaha families buy and sell residential real estate. Among those selling clients, there was a commonly asked question that I’ll answer today: “Do I have to accept the highest offer I receive?”

Given that we’re still in a seller’s market, many sellers assume that the highest offer is the one they should accept. But that’s not the case.

Obviously, terms play a major part in which offer is best for you, as well as the type of financing the buyer goes with. Their financing might change the type of inspection they order and the expectations the buyer has in terms of how much they need to put down. As far as their terms, pay attention to whether a home inspection is involved, if they’re asking for a home warranty (to be paid for by you), and when the buyer plans to move.

If you’re unsure about which terms of an offer are the best for you, reach out to an agent like me. I’ll be glad to help you navigate the process so that you get the maximal outcome for your sale.


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