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Category: Client Blog

    How Do We Use Reverse Prospecting?

    By kwELITE | October 8, 2018

    Today I want to talk about reverse prospecting and how it helps us find a buyer for you. Whenever we go on a listing presentation, we make it a goal to spend about 30 minutes taking the sellers through all the value our listing agents add. One of the greatest value-adds that we have is... Read More

    What Unique Methods Do We Use to Help Our Homebuyers and Investors Win?

    By kwELITE | September 24, 2018

    In a market with low inventory, we have to get creative in order to find prospective homes for our buyers and investors. Here is one of our most successful strategies. At Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group, we have plenty of unique methods that we use to help prospect for leads for our homebuyers and investors... Read More

    Our Online List Provides You With Reputable Vendors

    By kwELITE | August 9, 2018

    Have you seen our Lender Vendor List? You can see it by visiting our website here and clicking under resources. There, you can find a huge list of recommended businesses that we have partnered with that will provide a huge value to you. Oftentimes, they will even offer a discount! We have vendors for title... Read More

    What 3 Questions Should You Ask a Real Estate Agent?

    By kwELITE | June 12, 2018

    How can you be sure the agent you’ve selected is the right one for you? Today I’ll share three questions you should ask agents when interviewing them for your transaction. I’m coming to you in front of the entrance to our new office space, which Omaha’s Elite Real Estate Group is very pleased about. Today’s... Read More

    Things Sellers Can Do to Increase Their Home’s Value

    By kwELITE | May 14, 2018

    Some simple upkeep and maintenance can really make a difference in your home’s value when it comes time to sell. Here are a few things for you to focus on. In order to help sellers come up with new ideas to increase their home’s value, there are three things you should focus on. First is... Read More