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BoomTown: Wicked Analytics and More

Boomtown increases agent ROI at kwELITE

BoomTown is aptly named.

The real estate platform trusted by over 45,000 agents has been Jeff Cohn’s go-to for lead generation, business analytics, marketing, website development, listing tools, and more for the past 10 years. 

“I partnered with BoomTown in 2011, and within six years, we went from 70 to 700 unit sales a year, becoming the fastest-growing real estate team in the country,” says Cohn, CEO and founder of kwELITE real estate brokerage in Omaha, Nebraska.

And kwELITE’s website has had over three million visitors. 

And he’s built a database of 450,000 leads with BoomTown’s assistance.

And, because BoomTown technology allows Cohn to be strategic with internet lead conversions, he is sitting at 2.5% – five times the industry average for lead-to-close conversions. 

“For the past nine years, I’ve spent $10,000 a month to generate over 100,000 internet, paid ad leads, using Google ads, Facebook ads, and Craigslist, and resulting in 2,500-plus unit sales, or over $15 million in commissions,” Cohn says. 

The numbers speak volumes.


Enhancing Communication

kwELITE agents love BoomTown’s Mojo Dialer integration, Cohn says, which allows agents to use Mojo Dialer within BoomTown rather than having to export data to make calls from somewhere else. 

“You can call within your database using a three-line dialer, and it tracks when those calls were made, if there was a connect, if you left a voicemail, etc.  It gives you all the calling logs right inside your BoomTown dashboard, which is really powerful.”

And then there is Smart-drip and e-alert. Smart-drip is an email and text sequence program that enables agents to either use BoomTown’s program or create their own custom messaging system to achieve the greatest open rate and call to action results. 

Agents use e-alert to communicate with clients based on their current buying or selling timeline.  After the initial welcome email, clients who are actively looking can expect daily emails notifying them when a house in their specified category hits the market. Clients looking to move within a three-six month timeframe receive communication every other week, a six-12 month timeframe is monthly, and timeframe of over a year is quarterly. 

“Build My Own Google” 

With over 450,000 leads in his database, Cohn is a contender for most leads in the nation.

“I’ve never met another agent with so many leads,” he says. 

In fact, when Cohn first decided to launch a real estate team in 2011 and was thinking about SEO, Frank Klesitz, CEO and cofounder of Vyral Marketing, advised Cohn to “build his own Google” to mitigate reliance on SEO from the Alphabet Corporation giant.  

So, Cohn set out to create a database of buyers and sellers. Agents who joined the brokerage onboarded their contacts, and the kwELITE website captured client data for future use. Over the years, Cohn has incrementally constructed his own database to the point where he no longer relies on Google for leads.  

“I control the data,” says Cohn. “The future is who has the data and how you communicate with the data. And the way you need to communicate is to show the value your company offers, why they should use me versus the other person. They will only use the person they know they can trust.” 

Referrals play a key role in this trust, Cohn says. One satisfied customer will pass kwELITE’s name on to family and friends, exponentially increasing Cohn’s database and ultimately his business. 

Cohn says that BoomTown has made it very easy for him to plug all these 450,000 individuals into his database and communicate with them over a long period of time and in different mediums, like Mojo dial and Smart-drip.


CRM Website

BoomTown covers two sides of the real estate business: the front side, which is client-facing, and the back side, which is agent-facing. 

For the former (client-facing), Cohn really likes that his kwELITE website uses adaptive and responsive technology that makes it simple for clients to use across different devices. He also likes that it is effortless to customize his website to give users a unique kwELITE experience.   

On the backside (agent-facing), BoomTown’s client management software makes it very easy for kwELITE to work with its marketing partners and ancillary businesses to coordinate client care in a more efficient and intelligent way, Cohn says. All parties can work within the platform to see in real-time where the touchpoints are for each client. For instance, through workflow analytics, Cohn can see how long it takes a client to reach out to an agent after speaking with a mortgage lender, or how long it takes a transaction to go from initial contact with an agent to contract. At kwELITE,  the average incubation period is six months. 


Better Service to the HUGE Database of Clients 

BoomTown’s predictable analytics means kwELITE agents can engage in reverse prospecting. They can run a listing address through its database and then match that listing with the top 100 clients within the database based on the clients’ specified price range, home size and style, and neighborhood preference. 

And then there is lead conversion. BoomTown allows kwELITE to be very strategic, very tactical in its communication with leads, says Cohn, whether it is via email, phone call, text or snail mail note. It’s why the brokerage enjoys a 2.5% lead conversion rate. 

Cohn outlines the reason for kwELITE’s success. Agents call every lead the brokerage receives within one minute. That same lead is contacted – called and/or texted – three times the first day if he or she does not pick up. kwELITE calls and texts seven more times over the next 13 days to establish contact. Once contact is made, agents ask the lead a list of specific questions and then places that lead in an appropriate client category based on the lead’s LPMAMA – location, price, mortgage, agent, motivation, appointment – and timeframe. 

Agents volunteer to work BoomTown leads in addition to their own. They are trained – two hours a week – on best-prospecting practices and the tools to overcome rejection. They are also assigned an accountability coach to help them realize their goals. 

The result: 20 closings per 1,000 leads, or quintuple the industry average.


Cohn will be celebrating his 10-year anniversary with BoomTown in September, and he is thrilled with the impact it has had in helping him develop kwELITE into one of the fastest-growing real estate brokerages in the country. 

“We grew from 70 to over 700 sales a year in a six-year period,” says Cohn. “We would never have been able to do that if we had not partnered with BoomTown in 2011.” 


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