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Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Omaha, NE

As the holidays loom in the distance, many people are gearing up for the biggest shopping season of the year. The fall months are home to Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. There’s something about the holiday season that puts people in a more giving mood and makes them want to spend money. While big names like Toy’R’Us and Bed Bath and Beyond are sure to be slammed on Black Friday with enthusiastic shoppers looking for the perfect deal, there’s one lesser known gem that many people, specifically home buyers and sellers, should consider. Here’s three reasons why Black Friday is a great time to buy a home.

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1. Lower Prices in Omaha, NE

Probably the best reason to skip the malls this season for serious home buyers are the low prices. During the winter months, the traffic for home buying slows down considerably. Because of this, many homeowners in Omaha are willing to go the extra mile to sell their homes — including dropping the price to attract buyer offers. Shopping for a home during Black Friday can translate into price drops from $2000-$10,000.

2. Less Competition in Omaha, NE

This goes without saying, but during this time of the year most people are not thinking about buying a home. Their minds are consumed with holiday travels, shopping, and Christmas trees and lights. If you are in the market for a new house you can rest assured that you won’t have to compete with many to get your dream home. According to a survey conducted by, realtors have previously seen a 37.3% decrease in the amount of home buyers competing against each other over listings. Black Friday gives serious home buyers a chance to buy the home they want without all the added pressure.

3. Holiday Freebies

Though less talked about than door busters at Wal-Mart, home buyers on Black Friday have a chance to score some great gifts as well. Sellers have been known to throw in some very extravagant gifts in order to sway a buyer into purchasing a home. Gifts can include televisions, washer and dyers, and even entertainment systems. The goal of these real estate freebies is to make buyers excited enough to come and take a look at their home. House shopping on Black Friday is a great idea for those looking to buy. You might find the perfect house plus you might go home with an amazing gift. You never know what a seller may throw in to close the deal.

Black Friday Real Estate Deals in Omaha, NE

Black Friday just may be the perfect time to purchase a home. The deals are better, the competition is lower and even the sellers get into the holiday gift giving mood. While you don’t have to scrap your plans to stand in line at 12 AM for early door busters to your favorite stores, you should consider scheduling a few open houses into your Black Friday schedule. The perfect deal may be waiting for you.

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