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Agent Tool Kit

Oodles of Tools for the Agent Tool Belt

More money, less time, and less effort. This is the kwELITE trifecta. And how do our agents increase their earnings while decreasing the amount of time and effort? For one, having the most effective tools at their disposal. Success doesn’t happen by chance. Success is strategic at kwELITE. Here are some of the most powerful tools at our agents’ disposal. 

Sisu: Spreadsheet on Steroids 

Sisu, an analytics platform, is all about ROI. It spurs motivation by helping agents determine what their highest income-producing activities are. With Sisu, agents can also see areas where they can potentially improve outcomes and train to those areas to enjoy better success. 

“Success isn’t just based on results. Success is based on the work we put in on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis,” says Jeff Cohn, founder of kwELITE, “and that’s where Sisu comes into play. We know the exact activity an agent must execute to get a certain result.

“Sisu has empowered us to make the best decisions as to where we spend our time and track those incubation periods,” Cohn adds. 

BoomTown: Next-Level Analytics 

Boomtown is the real estate platform trusted by 45,000 agents, and kwELITE. Mojo dialer, smart drip, CRM period, reverse prospecting, lead conversion, e-alerts – these are just a few of the benefits BoomTown offers. 

And it is one of the reasons kwELITE went from 70 to 700 sales a year in less than six years.

In particular, BoomTown technology allows kwELITE to be strategic with internet lead conversions, which is a huge reason why the brokerage is sitting at 2.5% – five times the industry average for lead-to-close conversions. 

Agents volunteer to work BoomTown leads in addition to their own. They are trained – two hours a week – on best prospecting practices and the tools to overcome rejection. They are also assigned an accountability coach to help them realize their goals. 

The result: 20 closings per 1,000 leads, or quintuple the industry average.

Oakley Signs & Graphics: Quality Coupled with Customization

From phenomenal customer service to customized signage tailored to agents’ specifications, Oakley Sign elevates the ordinary. 

“Oakley Signs are constructed from material that is very much like stop sign material. It is reflective at night, making it possible for prospective buyers to see listings at night as well as day,” says Cohn. “I also like that agents can order all their own signage.”

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