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5 Ways Google Reviews Help Your Business Succeed

Google Reviews: Your Secret Weapon

Gone are the days when you let your fingers do the walking through the Yellow Pages to find a heating and cooling company to replace your furnace, a vet to treat your pet, or a real estate agent to sell your house. Next to referrals from family and friends, it’s all about the Google review.

In fact, Google reviews are very similar to endorsements (or warnings) from a friend. They come from ordinary people, like yourself, who have patronized a business and shared their experience. Simply put, reviews carry weight – considerable weight.

According to a recent study, 88% of consumers consult reviews to determine the quality of a business. Of this majority, 72% say positive reviews instill trust in the business, and trust is becoming more and more important to the consumer.

5 Reasons Google Reviews Are The Bomb

  1.  Google reviews are free marketing for business owners

    Reviews are often the first step in selecting one business out of many. A good testimonial has the power to bring you more customers.

  2. Google reviews build credibility

    You can spend thousands on marketing campaigns that may be slick or entertaining but do little to establish trust. Real customers leave reviews. It’s the ultimate form of transparency.

  3. Google reviews help your business stand out from the pack

    Businesses with more stars get promoted to higher positions in search results. This is good news for mom n’ pop businesses because boosts in rankings are not necessarily tied to business size, but client satisfaction. Therefore, local, smaller operations who excel at customer service can potentially outrank larger, national chains.

  4. Google reviews are easy

    You don’t have to download an app or make an additional account to leave a review. Anyone with a Google account (Gmail!) can do so.

  5. Google reviews drive consumers to your website

    Higher rankings (4 or 5-star) increase click-through rates to your website. If your website is easy to navigate, engaging, and informative (it should be!), you’ll win a new customer.

What About Negative Reviews?

Be happy, because it’s an opportunity to troubleshoot. A less-than-glowing review allows you to address a problem immediately, and in a very public manner. No one expects perfection, but customers do expect business owners to care about their organization’s interaction with clients. Your response to a dissatisfied customer goes a long way to establishing trust and credibility. Negative reviews also keep you current on what is happening within your business, alerting you to problems you may not know exist.

Take Advantage of Free Marketing

Google reviews propel your business to the next level. If you are not taking advantage of this free tool, chances are your competition is. Start harnessing the power of Google today. Ask your customers to leave reviews. And then get ready to see a spike in business!

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