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5 Tips for Businesses Shifting to A Virtual Business Model

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5 Tips for Operating Business Virtually Due To COVID-19

In a larger societal environment that is definitely NOT “business as usual,” at kwELITE, it actually is.

“For the past five years, we’ve been able to do everything virtually and physically,” says Jeff Cohn, CEO of Omaha’s kwELITE real estate brokerage. “We are operating 100% virtually. Since we are, and have been, a paperless company, the current situation has had zero impact on the function of our business.”

Still, the current pandemic will affect real estate practices, and kwELITE’s, in a few ways. While kwELITE’s physical office remains open for those clients who prefer in-person meetings, with daily cleanings to ensure it is a safe working environment, staff members have the option of working from home virtually if they would like. All are doing so. 

Additionally, closings will take a little longer – 45 to 60 days instead of the typical 30 to 45 days. But this is a surmountable inconvenience in the larger picture.

How can you adapt to this unprecedented period?

The professionals at kwELITE have FIVE TIPS for conducting business during difficult times. Though framed for real estate, they are easily adaptable to fit any industry:

    1. Keep your employees current with continual training. kwELITE conducts weekly virtual training sessions using the virtual platform Zoom. Agents have the option to interact live with their instructor or access training videos at their convenience.
    2. Maintain accountability. kwELITE agents participate in weekly check-ins to ensure they are on track to achieve their professional goals by meeting key performance indicators. 
    3. Implement a comprehensive transaction management system. There are a lot of moving parts in a real estate closing. Keep track of all the vendors and their respective deadlines with a digital transaction management tool such as Dotloop. Or, work collaboratively and organize your workflow with online platforms like Trello.  
    4. Make sure your products can be viewed virtually. There’s a reason Amazon is such a booming success. Customers want to see what they are purchasing. Every kwELITE listing has a virtual Matterport walkthrough, and we are the only local brokerage that requires this next level of service.
    5. Create a digital workplace. Staying connected to the consumer is important. Absolutely. But so is fostering communication and relationships among your employees. Metrics tracking platforms, such as Sisu, allow you to celebrate listing sales successes and spark friendly competition via leaderboards.  

Being forward-thinking – blending virtual with in-person interaction models – safeguards your business from the unexpected. 

“The goal of kwELITE – always – is to serve the consumer in the highest order,” says Jeff. “We are an example of a company that can operate 100% virtually but also has a physical presence if clients want a person-to-person meeting.”

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