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5-Star Instruction for Agents Delivers Top Notch Customer Service

A desire to constantly keep current with the latest best practices is what distinguishes kwELITE agents from their real estate industry counterparts.

kwELITE is deeply dedicated to continuing education, evidenced by the brokerage’s weekly training sessions and individualized coaching opportunities. Simply put, we are life-long learners. 

Why is ongoing education so important? Our clients. Being the best-trained agents in the business translates to unsurpassed service to our clients.   

In addition to constant training, kwELITE agents benefit from The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn, which sources real estate’s most successful leaders to bring listeners relevant, timely, and actionable information. And many of the episodes touch on topics applicable to industries outside of the industry.

Topics Include:

  • How to use social media to establish market dominance,
  • How to use virtual reality in real estate,
  • How to surpass any obstacle and create a successful future,
  • How to create more wealth by opening satellite offices & many more!

With over $1 billion in sales to their credit, Jeff Cohn, the kwELITE brokerage, and the Elite Real Estate Systems team are a wealth of knowledge on their own. But then they cast the knowledge net wide and bring in guests from around the country to offer listeners their proven strategies. The result? An encyclopedic catalog of real estate’s best practices from the superstars themselves. 

Episodes are between 20-40 minutes, so it’s easy for agents to educate themselves during the morning commute or evening run. And with 139 episodes (and counting!), it’s a wealth of real estate know-up just ready to be tapped.   

Check out The Team Building Podcast with Jeff Cohn to see why it has 10,000 downloads per month and a 5-star rating. The audio version is available at iTunes and Stitcher. Or join the ranks of 1.97k Elite Real Estate Systems subscribers on YouTube

You’ll discover why one subscriber says, “Best show. No doubt.”

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