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Monthly Archives: November 2022

    How we strive to create high-performance team culture 

    By Admin | November 28, 2022

    The old saying goes, “you get out what you put in.”  A lot of real estate professionals get into the business because they want a flexible schedule. In real estate, you are your own boss and can arrange your day so that you’re able to attend your child’s sporting events and be home after school.... Read More

    kwELITE Realtors have free access to award-winning ERS training

    By Admin | November 21, 2022

    Culture, proper systems leads and accountability are all factors licensed Realtors think about when choosing what real estate company to align with professionally.  But kwELITE offers all that and more to make sure all of its Realtors have the necessary tools to be successful in an ever-changing industry.  Elite Real Estate Systems is a modern... Read More

    Top 5 reasons to list your home this holiday season

    By Admin | November 14, 2022

    Wintertime brings cold weather and all sorts of major obligations due to two major holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), so a lot of homeowners tend to hold off on listing their property until spring rolls around. But, listing your home during the holidays has the potential to maximize your profits while selling quickly. Here are our... Read More