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Monthly Archives: October 2019

    4 Things You Must Do Now if You Plan on Buying in 2020

    By kwELITE | October 20, 2019

    Here are a few quick tips to help you prep for your 2020 home purchase. If you plan on buying a home in the spring of 2020, here are four things you can do now to start preparing.  Calculate your buying power—sit down with a qualified mortgage lender and find out how much home you... Read More

    Can You Cancel One Offer on Your Home in Favor of Another?

    By kwELITE | October 11, 2019

     Here are three of your best options for backing out of a deal with one buyer to take advantage of a stronger offer from another. Today I’d like to answer a question that comes up rather often: “If I’ve already agreed to sell my home to buyer A, and we’ve entered into escrow, but... Read More