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Monthly Archives: July 2019

    The (Major) Difference Between Your Home’s List Price and Sales Price

    By kwELITE | July 22, 2019

      The price a home sells for is usually very different from what it was originally listed at, and today I’ll tell you why. On both sides of the real estate transaction, we’re commonly asked, “What’s the difference between a list price and a sales price?”  First of all, a list price and sales price... Read More

    How Many Homes Should You Look At?

    By kwELITE | July 8, 2019

     How many homes should you look at before buying? Find out today. When it comes time to search for your next home, how many properties should you look at? Obviously, you could walk into one home and be instantly convinced that it’s the perfect fit. This is fine, but it’s common for most buyers... Read More

    Does the Buyer or Seller Pay Commission Fees?

    By kwELITE | July 4, 2019

     The industry has experienced some sweeping changes lately, so that question is of particular interest right now. One such change is the emergence of market disruptors, such as iBuyer companies, that will come in and make a below-market-value offer on your home.  For the traditional home seller who wants to receive the highest return... Read More