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Monthly Archives: March 2018

    A Great Tool for Homebuyers

    By kwELITE | March 8, 2018

    There isn’t a lot of inventory in Omaha right now. Here’s a creative solution that we use with our homebuyers to solve that problem.   Today I’m really excited to talk about our team’s call center in the Philippines. We currently have over 100 full-time virtual assistants located there through a business we started called... Read More

    Make a 3-D Virtual Tour of Your Listing With Our State-of-the-Art Camera

    By kwELITE | March 8, 2018

    We recently purchased a new camera that provides virtual tours of our sellers’ homes and helps their marketability tremendously. Our team recently invested in an $8,000 state-of-the-art camera that helps our sellers tremendously with marketing their property. This camera takes 3-D pictures every two feet throughout your entire home. As that gets stitched together, it... Read More