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Andresen Meadows in Omaha, NE

There are plenty of lots available in the newest neighborhoods of West Omaha and the Elkhorn area. One of the prime real estate subdivisions is the Andresen Meadows community, which began home ownership in 2013. Andresen Meadows is located in Omaha’s latest subdivision area of 180th Street and Blondo Street. Its landscape design entails many walkout style homes and tree bordered lots.

Andresen Meadows in Omaha NE | Omaha's Elite Real Estate Group

Education for Andresen Meadows Children

Homeowners will soon have easy access to the West Dodge Expressway and the nearby schools. The award winning schools are located within the Elkhorn District, which holds the Sagewood Elementary School, the Elkhorn Middle School, and the Elkhorn High School. The Elkhorn district was once a separate governing city, but has now been annexed to the City of Omaha in Douglas County.

Andresen Meadows Residential Amenities

Living in the new upscale Andresen Meadows community will be an enjoyable dining, shopping, and culturally enriching experience. The architectural beauty of the multi-story ranch homes in Andresen Meadows are filled with state of the art amenities and plenty of spacious open living space. Lots are available for the home of your dreams.

The basic amenities of the new residential structures of Andresen Meadows entail open floor plans, formal dining rooms, a den, living room, solid panel doors throughout the house, tile floors, granite counter tops, gourmet kitchen, master bedroom suites with bath, walk-in closets, and an attached garage.

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The Blondo Street Environment

Subdivisions in the Omaha/Elkhorn areas are designed specifically for neighbors to get to know each other and to enjoy family-friendly entertainment together. Andresen Meadows is an urbanite area for enterprising blue and white collar workers and their families. The surrounding Blondo Street neighborhood is a large eclectic mix of residential homes that were built between 1970 and 1999.

Transportation options include a train system and bus system. With the new subdivisions (like Andresen Meadows) being built close to downtown Omaha, residents can actually walk or bike. Elkhorn is just 14 miles from downtown Omaha or about a 25 minute drive.

Fun Activities

Andresen Meadow residents can enjoy the many year round activities taking place downtown and in many of its local parks. The parks surrounding the Andresen Meadows community are designed with sports fields, picnic areas, playgrounds, and a central facility. Families can go boating, rafting, kayaking, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, and swimming. Elkhorn also shares the fun of symphonies, museums, operatic performances, stage plays, and weekend farmer markets.

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