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Katherine Cervantes

Growing up in Omaha I can honestly say there is nowhere else that feels more like home than Nebraska. We may not have beautiful beaches and mountains but we have the nicest people and a sense of community!

I have been a Nebraska licensed REALTOR® for 2 years and have loved every moment. In 3rd grade I went as a real estate agent for career day and it has been my dream ever since. Seriously, it makes me so happy helping others make their homeownership dreams come true. I have found a passion for first-time home buyers! The excitement and thrill of this milestone is contagious, and I love being a part of it. I'm here to make your home-buying journey smooth and fun. Let's do this together and make your homeownership dreams a reality!

But hey, there's more to me than just real estate. When I'm not helping my clients, you can find me exploring thrift stores. I love finding those hidden treasures and one-of-a-kind goodies. My favorite items lately to find are anything and everything 70s. I love the colors and prints of the 70s. Recently I have been going to estate sales and I’ve seen some really amazing homes.

But you know what I really love? Old homes! I have a deep appreciation for their unique charm and character. There's something special about walking into an old home and enjoying their unique stories and timeless character. Exploring these gems and sharing their beauty with others is something I love to do.

I'm a dog mom to four goofy dogs. I have Lucy the chihuahua, Oakley the lab, and Nugget and Winston who are both poodles from the same litter. They bring so much laughter into my life and are always up to some crazy shenanigans.

If you are interested in buying, selling or building a home please reach out to me at 402-660-5141. I would be thrilled to represent you as your agent and look forward to speaking with you soon. Let's find your dream home!

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